Who we are.

Philosophy + innovation + commitment + education + experience = RESULTS 

Whitley Performance

Details Make the Difference

We take your goals seriously. We understand that change is difficult. Our mission is to help you break through barriers and become your best. We analyze your health history, body type, bodyfat, nutritional status and training experience, to create your individualized success plan. After all, what gets measured gets done!

Training Expertise

With over 25 years of success and experience, we are capable of analyzing your body, habits, and needs to help you create a strategy that will help you achieve your best. Programs include nutritional review, physical assessment, and strategic planning to ensure optimal results. We will work alongside you to educate, motivate, and track your progress toward your best! 

Your Results Matter

We understand that adapting new habits is challenging. Our mission is to use proven methods to enable you to take control and achieve the results you desire. There are no gimmicks, no shortcuts, only real lifelong results. We help you develop the strategies to ensure the results you achieve are a lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you focus on making positive choices daily, those choices become habits that lead to the best you! 


Check Out Our Custom Tees

We've added our new line of tees for both men and the ladies.  We are thrilled to team with That Girl Knows Lifestyle Brand to bring these to you! See gallery below as we continue to add.