Bold moves

At this stage in my career, I find myself at a crossroads. With over 25 years experience in the field of health and fitness, from corporate wellness to athlete performance training, I have amassed a wealth of experience. As I love my clients, I find the urge for more challenges. As a result I have begun a new venture which challenges me, requires new skill, engages not only my physical skill, but my intellect as well. I have a chance to help people, and expand my portfolio.

I am an analyzer. I must understand the “why” before I act. Many of you may be in the same boat of feeling the need for challenge in your life, whether it be personal or professional. My experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive and exciting. As I paraphrase my wife. opportunities are all around, either you take action, or the next person will.

Are you ready to take action in your life?

I would love to hear about the opportunities lying before you and whether you are acting or waiting?


Package Deal

Hey everyone,

We are about to embark on a new day with Whitley Performance. Lots of content and new products. Stay tuned and be sure to share.

Feel free to comment on the top things you want to see more of (videos, content, services, products).

Thanks and stay tuned!

Keys to a better day

Make the world a better place! Take responsibility, give, more than you take, and be aware that we are all in this thing called life together.

My Daily Check list:


-Do good

-Give thanks

-Breathe deeply


-Love someone other than your self

-Love your self

-Lift something heavy


-Eat quality food

-Appreciate where you came from but don’t dwell on the past



Work In Progress


Tonight I have spent time editing and revising content for this website. It is definitely not a strength of mine, but I’m working through it. It has come to my attention in the recent months that I do my best when I am learning and growing. For me that means that it is time to be placed in the fire and forged. On the anvil I am hammered, bent, shaped, and beaten. Through the fire I am made, folded and strengthened. Quenched then sharpened to a razor edge. There are times when it is I who wield the hammer, but for now it is life that handles it. Decide today where you are. Are you being forged and made stronger or are you creating and building those around you. Either way, know that the direction of movement must always be forward. Our eyes are set in the direction of our purpose and that is not behind us.




Today is a new day. Today can be the start of something great. Today can hold the moment when you begin the life you’ve always wanted. Today can be the day that you help change the life of someone around you. The choice is yours, and today is the day. Make a difference and act.





Each day is a new beginning. a chance to start over or a chance to continue on the same path. We decide each day what our path may be. Do we choose to be safe and and never take chances, or do we decide to take risks. Either way there will be consequences, either way there is a result that will occur. Pick a date, decide to make one positive change in your life or the life of someone else. Take action and remove the limits you place on yourself to be successful. For one moment, be fearless, knowing the outcome will be good. for one brief moment live with a limitless approach to making a positive difference. Feel the impact of your actions and move forward knowing your limitless act has made a positive difference today!


Website Re-design

Thank you for visiting our new webpage. It is currently under construction, so please be patient as we are launching new content an fresh info daily. Thanks for your patience and keep coming back!